Will you be sucked in by the Agent’s Advertising?

The Real Estate Agent’s description of a property is always written with a positive spin to present the property in the best light possible. You will hardly ever see a negative word written about a property. The Agent will either write the blurb themselves or they employ a professional copy writer.

Review a Real Estate Agent’s advertising by taking out the emotive words.

After you take out the emotive words it just leaves the facts like “Full brick construction, sunny northerly aspect, spotted gum floors etc”

The emotive words I have highlighted with a    and you can see how many emotive words are used in a single advertising.

Take the following advertisement as an example.

There are 94 number of words in the description.

From my count, 60 (64%) are emotive type words while only 34 (36%) are factual items.

Real Estate Agent’s house advertisement

The aim of the Real Estate Agent’s advertisement is to ‘pull at one’s heartstrings’. It stirs your emotion. You fall in love with the property.

It is so easy to fall in love with a property when it looks great. It has all the nice (hired) furniture, nice décor, nice bedspreads, the smell of fresh coffee, all the lights making the place sparkle, the garden in tip top condition.

Remember this article on you next property inspection.

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