Violin Wall Mount without Drilling or Damaging Wall

Wall mount Violin without drilling or damaging wall

With these new Diawall S Ceiling & Floor Brackets, you can mount your guitar on the wall without drilling, nailing, screwing or damaging your wall.

The key are the brackets!

A 2 x 4 timber is mounted vertically using the ceiling and floor brackets. Then the violin hanger is fastened onto the 2 x 4 timber using screws.

It’s great for renters who do not permission from the Landlord to put holes in the wall.

* NO WALL DAMAGE: There is no drilling, nailing or screwing into the wall. Better yet, it leaves no residue or damage to the wall

* WALL HANGERS AND HOOKS: By adding wall hangers and hooks you can create extra storage or decorate

* EASY TO INSTALL & REMOVE BRACKET: The brackets attach easily to the end of a 2 x 4 timber. Removing takes less than 20 seconds

* RE-USABLE: Use the brackets again to mount something else

* NON-SLIP: The rubber foot at the bottom of each bracket makes it non-slip

Diawall S Bracket Colours

The brackets come in:

White (DWS24W)

Light Brown (DWS24LB)

Dark Brown (DWS24DB)

Black (DWS24BK)

Wakai Brackets WhiteWakai Light Brown Brackets
Wakai Dark Brown BracketsWakai Black Brackets


Rubber Foot for Extra Grip

On the bottom of each bracket is a rubber floor for anti-slip.


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Supplies Needed to Hang your Violin

1 x Set of Diawall S Ceiling and Floor Brackets

1 x (2 x 4) Timber beam  (available from your local hardware store)

1 x Violin Hanger – I chose the Hercules Violin Hanger with Base because I like the wood finish on the backing and the arm clasps

Hercules Violin Hanger with Base


HOW TO Wall Mount your Violin 

1. Choose a convenient location for your violin mount guitar

Measure the ceiling height.

IMPORTANT POINT: Minus 45 mm from ceiling height measurement 

Purchase timber from hardware store.

Most hardware stores will cut the exact measurement for you for free or charge like $1 per cut.

Wall shelf install instructions to cut 2' x 4' timber beam 45mm less than ceiling to floor height


2. Place the FLOOR bracket at the bottom of the timber beam

The bracket should fit securely onto the bottom of the timber post.

If the bracket is not on properly, the timber post won’t fit on the ceiling. Use a hammer to lightly push the bracket into place. 


3. Place the TOP floor bracket (the one with the spring inside) at the top of the timber beam

The difference between the brackets is the top bracket has a spring in it. This bracket will go on the ceiling.

Push down the inside of the bracket to feel the spring.


4. Position timber beam into the corner of ceiling and wall

Rest the timber beam on the floor as shown in the picture below.


5. Push the bottom of the timber beam against the wall

Push the bracket against the wall.

Make sure the timber beam is vertical.

Check the brackets are secure and have enough tension.


6. Not enough tension in the brackets?

If there isn’t enough tension to hold the timber in place securely, place spacers (2 provided) in the base of the floor bracket.

Each spacer is about 2mm in thickness. In other words, you can correct the length by 4mm in total.


7. Install the Violin Hanger onto the Timber Beam

As the ceiling & wall bracket system is easily installed and removed, you can try different locations in the room.

Even if you change your mind about the height of the violin hanger, that’s ok, just re-measure, drill and install. The timber beam is more forgiving than your wall.

Hercules Violin Hanger instructionsHercules Violin Hanger instructions

Follow the instructions for the Hercules violin wall hanger. My wall hanger came with 2 wall plugs which I didn’t need to use. Rather, I used the 2 screws provided and did a pre-drill before screwing the wall hanger in place.


8. The Violin is Hung Up on the Wall and is Looking Great!

I decided to hang the violin and acoustic guitar in the living room. It’s also next to the digital piano so all the instruments are now in the one room and conveniently placed when we want to start playing.

Wall Hung Violin without DrillingWall hung violin and guitar display
Wall mounted violin and guitar in living room


9. How to Remove or Relocate the Ceiling and Floor Brackets

Grab the bottom bracket and push up slightly. This will release the spring on the top bracket.

At the same time gently pull the bottom bracket away from the wall.


10. (Optional) Stain the timber 

I wanted to get a darker richer colour for the timber posts to match my living room and the guitar hanger. At the same time I wanted to protect the timber from cracking and drying.

I used a product called BRIWAX which is made of soft beeswax. It does have a bit of a strong smell when you are using it however when it dries the smell goes away. I got the Antique Mahogany colour (Cherry) for that darker more expensive look.

The wax dries pretty quick on the timber. After you give the timber a polish, the timber definitely has a waxy feel to it.

I was impressed by the difference in the colour and the finish.

Use Briwax to stain your timber


IDEAS for the House or Apartment?

There are so many ways to use the Ceiling and Floor Bracket in the house or apartment.

Here are some ideas!

Build a Wall shelf with no damage to the wall
Wall Shelves for Storage or Decoration


Wall Mount your Dyson cordless vacuum without drilling
Wall Mount your Dyson cordless vacuum


Wall Mount your Whiteboard without Drilling into the Wall
Wall Mount your Whiteboard


Wall Mount your Guitar

To Purchase Diawall S Brackets on Amazon

Click here to purchase Diawall S in Canada

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  1. Could you take the same idea that you have for the the violin wall mount and use it for a ukulele instead?

    1. Administrator

      Hi Ukulelehead,
      Sure, instead of using a violin wall mount shown in the pictures, you can use a ukulele wall mount.
      The how to instructions for installing the top and bottom bracket and 2 x 4 timber is the same.

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