Renters Storage Solution for Wall Shelves without Drilling or Damaging the Wall

Diawall S Tension Brackets for renters storage, mounting and hangingWith these Diawall Tension Brackets, you can build Wall Shelves and create more storage in your rental apartment or house. All without drilling, nailing, screwing or damaging your wall.

The tension brackets are the key!

The Tension Brackets are a great solution for renters who do not have permission to put holes in the wall. It also saves having to patch and paint walls when you move out.

Wall shelves without drilling or damaging walls* NO WALL DAMAGE: you no longer need to drill, screw or nail into the wall to create storage space. No need to find the stud, measuring and drilling. Better yet, there is no sticky residue or damage to the wall

* WALL HANGERS AND HOOKS: you can customize your space by adding wall hangers and hooks to create storage for bags, jackets and umbrellas

* SO EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Slip the caps over the top and bottom of a 2 x 4 timber stud. The top cap has a tension spring on the inside. It’ll stay securely in place until you take it down. No special tools needed

* REMOVE IN SECONDS WITHOUT DAMAGE: gently push the top bracket into the ceiling and pull the 2 x 4 timber stud away from the wall. It’s that easy. It doesn’t leave holes, marks or sticky residue. The best thing is, you can use the brackets again to build a different storage space

* NON-SLIP: The rubber foot at the bottom of each bracket makes it non-slip

WALL SHELF – Before and After 

There are many ways to use the Tension Brackets to build a storage solution in your rental apartment or house. You are limited by your imagination. Check out these other designs on Pinterest.

I designed this wall shelf because the kid’s school bags and jackets are always thrown onto one big pile after school (as you can see from the before photo).

After building the wall shelf, there is a place for everything. Better yet, I didn’t damage the wall.

For instructions on how to build this wall shelf, please read on. 


Diawall S Brackets Colours

White Tension Brackets and White Shelf Support

Light Brown Tension Brackets and Light Brown Shelf Support

Dark Brown Tension Brackets and Dark Brown Shelf Support

Black Tension Brackets and Black Shelf Support

Wakai Brackets WhiteWakai Light Brown Brackets
Wakai Dark Brown BracketsWakai Black Brackets


Diawall Shelf Supports

Easy to install shelf supports allows you to choose the height and number of shelves.

Shelf brackets for wall shelf

Required Material to Build Wall Shelves

2 x Set of Diawall S Tension Brackets

2 x Set of Diawall S Shelf Bracket Pack 

2 x Vertical 2 x 4 Timber beam

2 x Horizontal 2 x 4 Timber beam  

5 x Screw hooks

2 x Double wardrobe hooks

Screw hook
Screw Hook
Double wardrobe hook
Double Wardrobe Hook

How To Build your Wall Shelf

1. Choose a convenient location for your Wall Shelf

  • Measure the ceiling height and minus 45mm from the measurement
  • Measure shelf length (in the photo with the kids helmets and bags, the horizontal beams are 140 cm or 55 inches)
  • Purchase timber from hardware store.

Most hardware stores will cut the exact measurement for you for free or charge like $1 per cut.

Wall shelf install instructions to cut 2' x 4' timber beam 45mm less than ceiling to floor height


2. Place the FLOOR bracket at the bottom of the timber beam

The bracket should fit securely onto the bottom of the timber post.

If the bracket is not on properly, the timber post won’t fit on the ceiling. Use a hammer to lightly push the bracket into place. 


3. Place the TOP floor bracket (the one with the spring inside) at the top of the timber beam

The difference between the brackets is the top bracket has a spring in it. This bracket will go on the ceiling.

Push down the inside of the bracket to feel the spring.


4. Position timber beam into the corner of ceiling and wall

Rest the timber beam on the floor as shown in the picture below.


5. Push the bottom of the timber beam against the wall

Push the bracket against the wall.

Make sure the timber beam is vertical.

Check the brackets are secure and have enough tension.


6. Not enough tension in the brackets?

If there isn’t enough tension to hold the timber in place securely, place spacers (2 provided) in the base of the floor bracket.

Each spacer is about 2mm in thickness. In other words, you can correct the length by 4mm in total.


7. At a convenient height, attach the shelf support onto the vertical timber beam

Do this for each of the shelves.


6. Attach the horizontal timber shelf to the shelf support

Do this for each of the horizontal shelves


7. Time to Add the Hooks

Install the 2 double wall hooks at a convenient height for your jackets & bags

Space out the 5 Screw Hooks along the underside of a shelf


8. The WALL SHELF is up, lets get organised!


9. How to Remove or Relocate the Ceiling and Floor Brackets

Grab the bottom bracket and push up slightly. This will release the spring on the top bracket.

At the same time gently pull the bottom bracket away from the wall.


10. (Optional) Stain the timber 

I wanted to get a darker richer colour for the timber posts to match my living room and the guitar hanger. At the same time I wanted to protect the timber from cracking and drying.

I used a product called BRIWAX which is made of soft beeswax. It does have a bit of a strong smell when you are using it however when it dries the smell goes away. I got the Antique Mahogany colour (Cherry) for that darker more expensive look.

The wax dries pretty quick on the timber. After you give the timber a polish, the timber definitely has a waxy feel to it.

I was impressed by the difference in the colour and the finish.

Use Briwax to stain your timber


IDEAS for the House or Apartment?

There are so many ways to use the Ceiling and Floor Bracket in the house or apartment.

Here are some other ideas!

Build a Wall shelf with no damage to the wall
Wall Shelves for Storage or Decoration


Wall Mount your Violin without drilling
Wall Mount your Violin


Wall Mount your Dyson cordless vacuum without drilling
Wall Mount your Dyson cordless vacuum


Wall Mount your Whiteboard without Drilling into the Wall
Wall Mount your Whiteboard

Want more ideas?


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4 thoughts on “Renters Storage Solution for Wall Shelves without Drilling or Damaging the Wall”

  1. It was easy.
    I was able to install without any stress! I did not want to scratch the painted wall on my own. I could not make a bold change to date, but this was easy.

  2. Because the wall is made of concrete I found it troublesome to use any anchor screws. Too messy with the wall. This was easy to make the base of the shelf and then add the shelves. I place some heavy and light things on shelf and both are fine and ok.

  3. I like the picture of the wall shelf you built.
    Does the horizontal shelf have to be a certain lenth?
    Can you give me a list of the materials that you used?

    Wall shelf

    1. Administrator

      Hi Ericister,

      The length of the horizontal shelf I used is 140 cm or 55 inches. That’s probably as long as I would want to go without losing stability.
      If you wanted the horizontal shelf to be longer, add an additional vertical post for strength. extra long Wall shelf

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