APM Pricefinder and My Property Expert Report

My Property Expert Report

Make sure you are getting all the information BEFORE you sign the property contract or pay a deposit. It’s a small price to pay to ensure you know as much about your property as you can.

Buy Property Expert Report

People know when they buy a property they need a building inspection and pest inspection. Sometimes the inspections reveal some unexpected maintenance and costs – hidden costs of buying a property. Other times the inspections reveal what’s expected for a property of that age. Either way, the inspections are done for your own peace of mind.

The My Property Expert Report is useful way to checklist items before buying the house or apartment.

It may also reveal items or information that may assist with your price negotiations. For example, knowing how many days the property has been listed for (called Days on market).

Similarly, knowing that another Real Estate Agent has already tried to sell the property puts you, the buyer, in the box seat with that information. The current Real Estate Agent will be trying their best to hide this.

The My Property Expert Report will research and review the following property details:

  • Property Purchase Date
  • Is the property Owner Occupied or Tenanted?
  • Check the number of days the property has been listed versus suburb average
  • Look through Old Property Listings to check for renovation works and additions
  • What changes have been made to the floorplan?
  • Sales history of surrounding properties
  • Check for a high ratio of rental properties in the area and identify rental properties with a high turnover
  • What are the Council and Planning Regulations for your property?
  • Is your property in a designated flood or fire impact zone?
  • Check recent Development Applications for building works that may affect your property
  • Provide aerial photos of the roof and the property boundary
  • Identify the location of green electrical boxes and telecommunications towers
  • Aerial photos of any large trees

My Property Expert Report $350 + GST 

To Order your Report, please complete the details below.

What is the Property Address?

My Property Expert will be in contact within 24 hours with a list of property questions. 



Pricefinder monthly subscription and membership.


Having access to APM Pricefinder will allow to conduct more in-depth research and analysis on your target properties. It is your all in one property data solution.

Pricefinder Property Data Solution and Login cost $100 + GST per month.

With a login to APM Pricefinder, you will be able to do the following:

  • Conduct accurate Property Valuations
  • Check the current owner
  • Understand the property sales history to see if the property has been sold with the last 3 years
  • Know how long the property has been listed on the market – Days On Market – D.O.M
  • Look up old listings to see how the property was advertised and compare changes
  • Compare changes in the external and internal condition of the property by looking through old listing photos
  • Find out whether your neighbouring properties are rented or owner occupied
  • Check if any plans by neighbours, developers or local council (search Development Applications) will influence your buying decision
  • Access to the Price Finder App on your phone

APM Pricefinder cost $100 + GST per monthPricefinder Subscribe

(You will be taken to a Pricefinder subscription page)

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