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9 Pioneer Street Wentworthville NSW 2145 – Buying a House Checklist

This is a Property Review at 9 Pioneer Street, Wentworthville NSW 2145.

The property was listed for sale in October 2018 and sold at auction for $750,000.

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In this Property Review I provide a brief summary of the Buying a House Checklist a buyer needs to do before buying. In particular, I highlight an issue with the floor plan for a prospective buyer to consider.

I run through 1 of the 22 checks you should do before purchasing a property.

As always, my aim is to give you Expert Advice, So You Buy the Right Property. 

Buying a House Checklist

4. Has the Floorplan Changed? Any New Bedrooms or an Extension? Yes, see comments below.

Floor plan for a house at 9 Pioneer Street, Wentworthville NSW
Property Review: 9 Pioneer Street, Wentworthville NSW floorplan

Floorplan Issues

Bed 1 – Bed 1 doesn’t have a wardrobe. To get one installed but it will cost you over $1000.

Bed 2  – Bed 2 also doesn’t have a wardrobe. That’s another $1000 +.

Installing a wardrobe in Bed 2 will be difficult. The bedroom has 2 doors and 1 large window so there is less wall to use.

There are two entrances to Bed 2. The 2nd door, which is the sliding door between Bed 2 and Bed 3 is unsual. It’s unusual to walk from one bedroom direct into another.

Having the walkway/sliding door between Bed 2 and 3, allows a person to access the back area of the house. Otherwise, you have to walk past the bath(room), into the dining, into the kitchen and then into the living room.

This indicates to me that bed 3 could be part of an extension.

Lounge – The lounge is south facing so the room is going to be cold and dark. That’s maybe why they built an extension, the living room, at the back of the house to get the north facing sun which makes the room brighter all year round and warmer in winter.

Bath – The bath(room) has no bath in it, just a shower. This might mean bathing small children will be hard. The bath(room) also doesn’t have a window so it’s going to retain a lot of moisture and if not ventilated properly there will be a mould issue.

As the house appears to be a pre-1950’s build, in all likelihood there use to be a window in the bath(room) but when the owners extended the house it was filled in.

Laundry – The laundry room has a window facing into the living room. This is an indication that the living room may have been built later as an extension to the original house because laundries either have a window to the outside or have no window at all.

Dining and kitchen  – The combined area of the dining and kitchen is 15.9m2 which is small (3.0m x 5.3m) but it appears from the Agent photos that the owners can position a small table in the room which might be sufficient.

Living room – From what I can tell, the living room is an extension of the original property.

If you overlay the floor plan (above) with the aerial photo (below) you will note the original tiled roof and the colorbond roof extension.

Using an aerial photo of the property (below)  it confirms the living room (and possibly the adjacent toilet) are an extension.

See aerial photo below.

House extension with Colorbond roof
9 Pioneer Street, Wentworthville NSW extension

Toilet (adjacent to living room) – It’s likely the toilet was an external toilet or ‘outhouse’. An ‘outhouse’ is usually separate from the main building. The extension brought the external toilet under the same roof as the main building.

Ask your building inspector to verify the extension and external toilet or ‘outhouse’.

If you are attending an open for inspection, have a look at the floor level of the living room and the toilet. This might give you an idea to the origins of the external toilet.

4 thoughts on “9 Pioneer Street Wentworthville NSW 2145 – Buying a House Checklist”

  1. Thanks for the detailed review. It’s my bad that I am reading your blog after the house sold. I bought the property and now planning to do renovation. Not sure it’s a good move or bad but I checked property near to the area all cost 850+ till 1.2 ( depends on land size).

    Few things I like , near to school and 12 min walk to station. The house is old , no loose asbestos issue .

    As per your view 750k for the property is higher side or ok .

    Appreciate your review and trust me it’s really good.

      1. Thanks Martin.
        You did a detailed review and appreciate it. I asked you few queries on the property price and value for money . Ask said my daughters school is just 150 meters and train station(s) are in 10 minutes walking distance. Its a weatherboard house and approx. 60 years old . The owner was staying there and now sold as he is very old.

        Don’t know how I can communicate with you . we can talk here and get some suggestions or mail communication on asitishere at yahoo com

        1. Hi Asit,
          I will contact you with your email address and try to answer your questions in more detail.

          To briefly answer your question about price estimate, go to the mypropertyexpert.com.au home page and click on Point 23. Check the Property Valuation.

          There are some links where you can get property price valuation online (for free) or via Pricefinder (which allows you to choose properties that are most comparable to 9 Pioneer Street, Wentworthville.

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