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This is a Preliminary Property Report for 48 Tintern Avenue Telopea NSW 2117.

In this Property Report I provide a Preliminary summary of what a Buyer needs to check before buying.

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As always, my aim is to give you Expert Advice, So You Buy the Right Property. 


Property Listing Details for 48 Tintern Avenue Telopea 

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6 March 2019 – On 6 March, 48 Tintern Avenue Telopea was listed on the market as “Pre-Auction”

“Pre-Auction” means the Real Estate Agent is doing market research to see if the property has enough demand to sell at auction.

The Agent will be noting the number of enquiries, the number of people who do inspections. More importantly, the Agent will be trying to determine the value of the property – or the sale price by asking buyers their price expectations.

Previous Property Sale Date

The previous Property sale occurred on 15 March 2014.

Take note of the previous sale date and how long the current owner has owned the property. If the property is being sold within 3 years then it’s a ‘red flag’ and worth investigating further.

It’s a ‘red flag’ because the cost of purchasing a property is significant. An owner would not sell unless they had good reason to.

Owner Occupied or Rental?

The property is a rental property.

An Owner Occupied property is likely to be in better condition than one lived in by tenants. Owner’s tend to look after their place better especially if they want to maximise the sale price.

Tenants are less likely to care how much the owner sells the property for. The biggest concern for a tenant is whether the new owner will move into property.

Check the Owner Occupied Ratio

The Owner Occupier to rental property ratio indicates the % of owners to renters living in a suburb, a street or an area. It’s important to know who is living around you as this improves your awareness and safety of the area

Owner Occupied to Rental Ratio For Telopea NSW 2117

Owner occupied ratio for Telopea NSW 2117

A review of the suburb at Telopea NSW 2117, shows there is a a greater proportion of owners 57% to renters 44%.

Check Days on Market

The Days on market indicates the number of days the property has been listed for sale with the particular Real Estate Agent.

When a property takes longer to sell than average then you must do some further investigation as to why?

The longer a property stays on the market, the more suspicious buyers become. Buyers will often suspect there are building or other related issues.

If the property stays on the market too long (versus say the suburb average), then the property becomes “stale”.

Listing Date: 6 March 2019

Days on Market: 48 Tintern Avenue, Telopea is going to auction. If the property doesn’t sell at auction then the keep an eye on the days on market for this property versus the suburb average

Suburb Average Days on Market: On average, a 3 bed house in Telopea takes 48 days to sell.

Days on Market ratio for Telopea NSW 2117


Detailed Research

To purchase the COMPLETE PROPERTY REPORT for 48 Tintern Avenue Telopea NSW please click here.

The Complete Property Report will cover the following aspects of the property.

  • Is the property Owner Occupied or Tenanted?
  • Owner occupied ratio for the surrounding streets and neighbouring properties
  • Check the number of days the property has been listed versus suburb average
  • Look through Old Property Listings to check for renovation works and additions
  • What changes have been made to the floorplan?
  • Sales history of surrounding properties
  • Check for a high ratio of rental properties in the area and identify rental properties with a high turnover
  • What are the Council and Planning Regulations for your property?
  • Is your property in a designated flood or fire impact zone?
  • Check recent Development Applications for building works that may affect your property
  • Provide aerial photos of the roof and the property boundary
  • Identify the location of green electrical boxes and telecommunications towers
  • Aerial photos of any large trees
  • Check shape of the land (for a house)
  • Check for green electrical boxes and telecommunications towers

To purchase the COMPLETE PROPERTY REPORT for 48 Tintern Avenue Telope NSW please click here.

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