217 Clyde Street South Granville NSW 2142 – Buying a House Checklist

This is a Property Review at 217 Clyde Street, South Granville NSW 2142.

The property was last sold on 24 October 2018 for $880,000.

Click here for the Domain property listing.

In this Property Review I provide a brief summary of the Buying a House Checklist a buyer needs to do before buying. In particular, I highlight an issue with the property turnover in the surrounding properties.

I run through 2 of the 22 checks you should do before purchasing a property.

As always, my aim is to give you Expert Advice, So You Buy the Right Property. 

Buying a House Checklist

5. Check the Sales History of Surrounding Properties

I did a search for the properties sold in the past 3 years and located in a 100 metre radius.

I clicked into each of these properties and viewed the “Sales History”.

Search results for 217 Clyde Street, South Granville NSW

Surrounding properties for 217 Clyde Street South Granville sold in past 3 years
Search results for surrounding properties sold in past 3 years

A red flag came up for 230 Clyde Street, South Granville as it was sold a number of times in the prior year.

230 Clyde Street is 92m or a 1 minute walk from the target property at 217 Clyde Street.

Aerial map of two properties with an arrow indicating the distance and location
Red flag at 230 Clyde Street. It is less than 100 metres to away from 230 Clyde Street so it’s worth investigating further

Looking through the Sales History for the property at 230 Clyde Street shows it was sold in 2013, twice in 2014 (which is unusual – not sure why that happened), again in 2015 and 2016.

Sales history of a property showing the transfer (sales) date and the sale price
Sales history of 230 Clyde Street, South Granville

Given that 230 Clyde Street is less than 100 from my target property, I would go check out this property.

Perhaps the first step would be to walk past the property. This can be followed up by a chat to a neighbour and also the Real Estate Agent if you can’t get any answers.


18. Have you checked for nearby electrical substations, telecommunication towers or green electrical boxes?

According to the OzTowers website, there are telcommunications towers located near the house at 217 Clyde Street, South Granville.

Click here – to view the Telecommunications Towers located near 20 Ferrabetta Avenue Eastwood

Doing a google walk around, there are no green electrical boxes located nearby.

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